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October 4, 2020

First Step - Download Wotlk 3.3.5 Client:


English Client:!rxQkWCIL!_k8p9bKti5aW78mtYZcS-aFGiwTyHUZPx62MaBs0ZIg

Then, unzip the folder inside it where you want.

Second Step - Install Anathema's Patch:

Download Link for Patch-Z :

Download Link for Patch-4 :!S9AEGKBa!qCMtpU7BWpaiWMBsNQol07cwT0EBZDo3ndWUBaw3GAg

Download Link for Patch-5 :

Download Link for Patch-6 :

The patch works for both English and French clients. Put the patch in your Wow3.3.5/Data/ folder. Your data folder should look like this:

If you have an english client, the "frFR" folder will be named "enGB".

If you have downloaded one of our client, you should have another patch named "patch-4.MPQ". If you don't, install this one too or you may have problems, it is big but it is a one time download:


Third Step - Change the Realmlist:

French: Go to Wow3.3.5/Data/frFR/ and open with a text editor.

English: Go to Wow3.3.5/Data/enGB/ and open with a text editor.

Then, delete everything inside and replace it with set realmlist


Fourth Step - Create an account:

Go to: and create your account.


Fifth Step - Launch the Game !

We hope that you will have fun playing on our server !

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