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May 11, 2020

Welcome on Anathema


Anathema , your crazy adventure from the creation of your character will begin.

Here you are level 1 with a fisherman's skin, start with the quest for the Maître des Brutes. Kill 40 Brutes Puissantes  to be level 79 with 99 talent points.

Resume his quest and start a fight against him, once the Master killed, you pass 80 and you are ready to go to the [Shop Area] with the Teleporter.

Several choices are available to you. Start the daily quests with the [Hunting Ground], descend into the depths of [The Crypt] or start the instances  [A1] - Shadowfang Keep available in [Anathema Instances]


- If you are going to the [Hunting Ground] (Daily Quest), This area will be divided into 4 parts (Q1-Q2-Q3-Q4). You can buy equipment (Neck, Ring and Cloak) which will have a level equal to that of your quests and contribution emblems obtained during your farm. An NPC located near NPCs will allow you to return all of your quests at once.

Each game has its level, the more you climb, the harder it will be, you will not have the choice for the moment to choose the quests Q1


- If you are going to [The Crypt], you will descend into the depths of an 8-story crypt (C1-C2 -...- C8), you can loot HS equipment (Waist , Brassard, Boots) of different level

Two paths will open to you, one will lead you to a Summoning Altar, it will be usable if you have 4 Summoning Marks on your floor, the other will lead you to a portal for the next level.

Please note, each floor has its difficulty and can not be solved only with large equipment, make a group in .world to find people to go with you


- If you are going for a [A1] - Shadowfang Keep, take the quest for Mindy "Beat the Bosses".

Normally, this instance is solvable, it is possible that it is more or less hard compared to your class but your talent will triumph over this instance!

Do the instance as many times as you want to finish full A1, this instance is the only one that will drop the Set (Head Shoulder Chest Gloves and Legs) but also weapons.


The equipment is categorized into 6 specialties:

  • Mystic (Heal Mail / Plate MP5)
  • Magic (Dps Cast Haste Touch)
  • Wise(Heal Cloth / Leather)
  • Agile (Agility Dps)
  • Reckless (Dps Force)
  • Resillient (Tank)

Each floor of [The Crypt] will give you HS equipment, floors C1-C2 will give you C1 equipment, floors C3-C4 will give you C2 equipment, floors C5-C6 will give you C3 equipment and floors C7-C8 will give you C4 equipment

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