October 29, 2020

This message is likely to evolve if new questions come to light. Last update : 29/10/2020

Join Anathema

I’m new to Anathema, how do I get to the server?

You must first install the game : https://mega.nz/#!rxQkWCIL!_k8p9bKti5aW78mtYZcS-aFGiwTyHUZPx62MaBs0ZIg

Download our patch to play with our content : http://anathema-server.com/en/page/joinus

Once the installation is complete, go to the "World of Warcraft\Data\enUS "

Open the Realmlist file (opens with a text editor like Notepad), check the content and if necessary replace it with :

set realmlist anathema-server.com


Connection issues


I put in my credentials and I can’t log in, what do I do?

When you want to login, you must enter your account name and not your e-mail address.


Visual Error/ Green Character/ Unusable Spell


Spells are invisible, my person or NPC's are green, I can not equip my equipment, what to do?

Check the installation date of your patch, you better download the latest patch available on our site here : http://anathema-server.com/en/page/joinus


Site / Shop


What services does the shop offer?

Thanks to the shop you can buy our additional content (Wings, powder bag, token stuff, changeform)


How do I change my password and email address?

You can access your account via the website and change your password. As for the mail, you have to go to Discord or make a request in game.

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