November 8, 2020

Nom de l'addons Version Description Lien de téléchargement
AtlasLoot 3.3.5 AtlasLoot categorizes every stuffs of the WOLTK extension
Cooldowns 3.3.5 Simple addons who give a timer on your spell
MSBK 3.3.5 Show mana / life gains and damages dealt or taken
MoveAnything 3.3.5 Move your interface as you want
Xperl 3.3.5 Chang group's interface and raid's interface
DBM 3.3.5 Give some information during your raid
WeakAuras 3.3.5 Allonws you to display images that highlight buffs or stats
HealBot 3.3.5 Adds a configurable in-game window simplifying group heal managment
Omen 3.3.5 He show what percentage you have threat is at according to boss
LootBooster 3.3.5 AutoLoot instantly all item without confirmation
Bagnon 3.3.5 Combines all your bags into one
Dominos 3.3.5 Changes your spell bar, cast, runes, shapeshift, stance, etc
SmartLoot 3.3.5 He is like AutoLoot
Bartender4 3.3.5 Changes your spell bars, cast, runes, shapeshift, stance, etc, like Dominos
OPie 3.3.5 OPie is a radial action-binding addon
Rating Buster 3.3.5 Simplifies the difference between stats between two stuff
Diablo Mod 3.3.5 For Diablo2's Fan, this addons change your interface like Diablo
Grid 3.3.5 Change the raid interface
Quetes Helper 3.3.5 Only for Official Quests
xLoot 3.3.5 Simplifies group Loots
Healers Have to Die 3.3.5 Show with a marker, an enemy healer in a BG or arena
Raid Roll 3.3.5 Modify and simplify raid loots as well as /ar
Capping 3.3.5 Shows the remaining time of the objectives in BG
Skada 3.3.5 Skada is a modular damage meter with various viewing modes


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